Answer Support Questions Before They Become Support Tickets

With sophisticated natural language search, you can quickly surface relevant, targeted information that addresses your customers’ support needs. 

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Self-service, simplified

See how Yext can help you deliver official answers wherever people search so you can grow your business.


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Anticipate Customer Intent

Robust analytics reveal both consumer confusion and intent, so that you can make educated decisions about the information they need most and how you can help them best.

Increase Customer and Agent Satisfaction

Empower both consumers and agents to self-serve by providing direct answers - both on and off your website.

Reduce Support Costs

Solve repetitive, high-volume questions instantly and prioritize live service interactions for more complex issues.

Help Site Search

Empower customers to find instant answers to their support questions within FAQs, guides, tutorials, videos, ebooks, product manuals, etc.

One platform, many support solutions


Case Form 

Decrease case creation by recommending content related to the issue being raised - right within the case submission form

Agent Desktop Search

Help agents find instant answers in their internal portal as they guide customers in troubleshooting issues

SEO for Help 

Answer your customers’ questions before they even reach your help site by improving your ranking and presence in search

In-App Support

A ‘digital concierge’ for your web, mobile, and desktop apps that expands into a Yext search experience when clicked

Knowledge Base

A graph-based “one-stop shop” for all the information your support teams need